October 11, 2015

Family Class Sponsorship - Conjugal Partner (Same-Sex Partner)

When Ms. Elreen Buenconsejo first visited Canadian Immigration Consultancy - Mall of Asia Branch, she was asking for Study Visa Application.  But after a short interview to determine her eligibility, purpose and plans in the future, we discouraged her with her plan.

Family Class Sponsorship - Conjugal Partner

It turned out that she actually wanted to Study in Canada primarily to be together with her partner, Ms. Mennina, a Canadian citizen.  They were in a relationship for quite a period already but due to legal barrier, they can't get married in the Philippines.  We then suggested her to try the Family Class Sponsorship as a Conjugal Partner.  She was surprised to hear about this option and became more interested when we told her about the story of Ms. Carol. Same-Sex marriage or common-law union is legal in Canada. 

But In order for a Conjugal Partner Sponsorship, it needs a serious commitment from both partners. Otherwise, it will not work.  The challenge here is how to convince the Visa Officer that there is an emotional and financial interdependence - that there is a real and continuing relationship as a couple despite the physical separation.

If you are in a similar situation, we could be of help.  We may not be able to guarantee approval, but we can surely help you increase your chances by avoiding mistakes and proper documentation.  You may send your inquiry to canada@proimmigrationdvisers.com