February 3, 2016

And the reason is love...

We've been in the industry for more than 20 years already and have processed more than 50,000 visa applications. And based on experience, from our clients's stories, there are various reasons why people immigrate to Canada.

There are successful businessmen in their forties who would still take a chance in Canada with their children's future as the motivation.  There are young professionals who would do it for their parents and siblings.  There are professionals with established career willing to start again from entry level positions in Canada just to make sure their families gets a better future. In a nut shell, people immigrate because they want to have financial security. But all of these can be summarized in one word.

Vancouver Lookout
Vancouver Lookout

People immigrate because of LOVE.

Canada was recently named overall 2nd best country in the world. Quality of life is one of the basis, where Canada ranked No. 1. As a permanent resident in Canada, your kids will receive monthly allowance from the government.  They get free education from Grade 1-12 various government support for those who want to pursue college education.  It offers one of the best health care system.  A generally peaceful and friendly society.  If dreaming to give your family these benefits is not love, I don't know what is.

If you have the education and experience that makes you eligible to immigrate to Canada, all you need is a firm decision and strong commitment. There are only two ways to look at the Financial requirements to immigrate - as an excuse or as a challenge.

What is it going to be for you?

Immigration is not a simple process. It may take a while, the process may be difficult but with the right reason, it will be all right. You will never go wrong if the reason you're immigrating is love.

Happy Valentine's Day!