March 30, 2016

Bringing Pets from the Philippines to Canada

So you want to immigrate to Canada but is reluctant because you have a concern about your pets?  You don't want to leave your pets?  You can actually bring your pets to Canada!  And don't worry, your pet will not be required to apply for immigrant visa!  Here's how:

Bringing Pets to Canada from Philippines

  • Visit for information about bringing your pets to Canada.  Your pet may be refused entry to Canada if it does not meet the import requirements.  Depending on the type of your pet, the documentary requirement varies.
  • Contact the airlines and inquire about their pet travel policies and requirements
  • For your pet's smooth travel, get an airline-approved crate.  Do this early so as to have time in training your pet to stay in it
  • You will be needing an Export Permit from Bureau of Animal Industry
In traveling with your pets, the following are sources of useful information:
So there. You can bring pets to Canada from the Philippines. Don't make it an excuse not to immigrate to Canada!  :-)

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