July 7, 2017

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) - Scotiabank Student GIC Program

UPDATE (May 6, 2019): Eligible Banks for the GIC Program

This is for those planning to apply as International Student in Canada.  Last month, we wrote about the Study Direct Stream Requirements and how it will benefit those planning to study in a Public Secondary Institutions.  One of the major requirement to be eligible under the Study Direct Stream is the Guaranteed Investment Certificate.

One of the major challenge and in fact a common reason why a Study Visa application is being rejected by the Visa Office is that the Visa Officer is not convinced that the funds is in fact readily available for use in Canada.  With the Study Direct Stream's requirement to pay the tuition for one year and apply for a Guaranteed Investment Certificate, that part is being addressed.  However, this does not guarantee approval of application.  But just the same, your chances of getting approval will be higher.

But what if your school is not eligible for the Study Direct Stream like Acsenda School of Management or Canadian Tourism College for that matter? Can you also apply for a Guaranteed Investment Certificate?

Here's the answer of Scotiabank

Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) - Scotiabank Student GIC Program
Yes, even if your school is not participating in the Study Direct Stream, you may also make use of the GIC to support your application.

Here's how to open an account with Scotiabank.

Applying for a Guaranteed Investment Certificate not only helps applicant convince the Visa Officer of the availability of funds, it also helps establish the applicant's genuine intention to study.

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