January 3, 2018

Happy New Year! This 2018, make Canada your new Home!

We at Canadian Immigration Consultancy (Gateway to Canada) wish you a Happy New Year! May your heart's desire be fulfilled this 2018. 

Happy New Year! This 2018, make Canada your new Home!

If you don't know yet your options yet, here's what you may do if you are interested to study work and live in Canada:

  • Attend one of our seminar schedules. We have scheduled information seminars in Lipa City and Calamba City for the year 2018. 
If you are now ready to start, you may pay your consultancy fee online

But it is not mandatory to hire the services of an Immigration Consultant or Lawyer. You may find all the information about Canada Visa application through Canada's official immigration website - www.canada.ca.

However, there is a huge advantage if you hire an experienced immigration firm like Canadian Immigration Consultancy. We may not be able to guarantee approval of your application, but you can bank on our experience of close to 30 years already!

Let us help you achieve your Canadian Dream and be included in Gallery of our Successful Clients. Let us make Canada your home this 2018!