December 5, 2018

Canada desperately looking to fill 430,000 vacant jobs

According the report of Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), Labour shortages continue to trouble small and medium-sized businesses in the third quarter of 2018, with the job vacancy rate rising to 3.3%. In total, roughly 430,000 private sector openings remained unfilled for at least four months because employers were unable to find qualified candidates

“We’re seeing the job vacancy rate rise above the records set before the 2008 financial crisis, and businesses are really feeling the pressure, especially in Quebec, BC and Ontario. Businesses will likely respond to these trends by investing more in capital than labour in 2019, along with redistributing wages to key roles in the company.”  
- Ted Mallett, CFIB’s vice president and chief economist
Here's the job vacancy rate per Province as indicated in CFIB's latest Help Wanted Report

Indeed, there's a lot of opportunities in Canada. But the question is, how to grab these opportunities.

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