June 28, 2023

Travel to Canada Worry-Free, Explore Canada with Confidence

Life is full of uncertainties. While we strive for security and stability, unexpected events can shake the very foundation of our existence. This is where insurance becomes an invaluable shield, offering a safety net and peace of mind that can make all the difference when life takes an unexpected turn. Understanding the importance of insurance and securing the right coverage is essential for safeguarding your future and those who depend on you.

Before you travel to Canada, consider getting yourself protected. 

Travel to Canada Worry-Free, Explore Canada with Confidence

Get a Travel Insurance
If you are traveling to Canada wether you are a temporary resident visa holder (visitor, worker or student) or PR Visa holder, you would want to have a coverage for the costs and losses associated with traveling including medical emergencies.

As an International student, you have a medical insurance coverage but it is very limited. It also does not include your dependents, if any. Get up to CAD5,000,000 Emergency Medical Coverage at an affordable premium for your whole family!

Visiting to Canada? Travel worry free and explore Canada with confidence. When travelling outside of your home country, health care can be very expensive. In Canada, hospitals can charge thousands of dollars per day. Visitors to Canada insurance can help protect you and your family from unexpected costs due to a medical emergency while visiting Canada

Protect your family by getting a Term Insurance. For as low as CAD25/month, you may get up to CAD 500,000 insurance overage in case of death. A
mount of coverage depends on gender, age, smoking habit and other factors. While starting to build your life in Canada, it is best to have this kind of protection.