Sample Resume

Unit 160 Ground Floor North Parking Building
Sunset Ave., SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City, Philippines


Registered Nurse


How many years total experience as a Nurse do you have?

How many in:


ICU – (how many)

CRITICAL CARE – (how many)


EMERGENCY – (how many)


I am currently looking to relocate to the Saskatchewan region to obtain employment in a healthcare facility that offers opportunities for career development and an environment that will provide me the opportunity to share my nursing experiences.


I have accumulated 12 years in the medical health care field as a Registered Nurse in a variety of hospitals. I possess excellent interpersonal and strong communication skills. I am highly organized and I am a solid team player able to take on multiple tasks. I am extremely experienced in (name the area of nursing you have the most experience in and the one that you are currently looking for work in).


Diploma in Nursing, Parirenyatwa Hospital 1992 - 1995

Commission on Graduates of Foreign nursing schools Certificate, USA 2004

Certificate in BCLS, Michigan, USA 2004 – Present

Certificate in typewriting 1992


List any extra courses or certifications that you have taken related to health care or nursing


Name of the Hospital, Location 2007 – Present

Registered Nurse/Occasional Unit Manager
Job Description:

[They want to understand the type of facility you are working in so they can determine whether you will be able to adjust to their busy, urban hospital that deals with all the major trauma accidents for the entire province. To help them understand your experiences, please include the information for the following questions for each employer for which you have worked:]

What is your current title?

Do you have any management responsibilities?

Please describe the hospital environment; for instance:
- How big is the hospital
- Is it located in a major city or is it in a rural area
- Is there anything special about the hospital that you work at?
For instance, do they handle the more severe patients or are they a major trauma center?
- List all the types of patients you responsible for looking after?
- How patients are you responsible for at any given time?
- How many other staff do you usually work with at any given time?

- List all of your responsibilities, experiences and duties you have or are fulfilling for:

Emergency (no of years)
Intensive Care (no of years)
Corporate Care (no of years)
Medical ICU (no of years)
Pediatric ICU (no of years)
Neonatal ICU (no of years)
- List all of the equipment that you use in these areas.

References available upon request