May 21, 2005

Top 10 Cities To Live In: Montreal

AskMen.Com came up with the list by asking their readers, consulting with the experts and tracking down travel agents. Main considerations in the research are - standard of living, job sector, arts and culture, weather, state of affairs, city's night life and all of the other things that encompass daily life.

Montreal is No. 1 in the list.

Yes, it is very cold in the winter, but some actually like winter sports. Many do not like the weather, so why don't they ever leave Montreal? Let's see: it's the most cosmopolitan and multicultural city, which explains why it has the most beautiful women, diverse restaurants and an amazing nightlife (ask any Formula One driver).

The economy is growing rapidly, the arts and culture are extremely diverse and rich, and it offers you all four seasons to the fullest. Although the language questions become mundane, we hear that they provide for good entertainment. To top it all off, Canada is systematically voted the Top Country by the United Nations.

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