March 4, 2008

Canada vs USA

Recently, we've been receiving calls and emails from Filipinos working in the US asking about opportunities in Canada. One may wonder why would they even consider going to Canada, considering that US is considered by many Filipinos as the land of milk and honey.

Here's a couple of jokes about Canada vs USA.

The Great Debate
A Canadian and an American are having a beer together, and the conversation turns to who has the better country. After numerous exchanges of boasts, the Yankee says "Sure Canada's nice! But take away your clean air, your friendly people, and your strong beer, and what have you got?".

The Canuck smiles and says "Easy. The USA!".[CKA]

American Civilization
It is said that a American Journalist once asked Mohandas Ghandi a question . The American jouranlist asked Ghandi, (What is your opinion of American civilization)?

Ghandi smiled and replied to the American journalist, ( I think it would be an excellent idea).[CKA]

But seriously, here's one big diffence betwen the US and Canada-

While the US is spending million of dollars for its war in Iraq, displacing families, destroying properties and killing civilians in the process, Canada on the other hand is working to help reunite close family members of Canadian citizens, permanent residents and protected persons who are directly affected by the situation in Iraq.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada prioritizes family class applications of those affected by the war in Iraq.

That's a huge difference.