June 12, 2008

Philippine Overseas Labor Office's New Conditions for Live-in Caregiver

The Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Canada recently released a directive affecting Live-in Caregiver. Under this new directive, an addendum to the employment contract must be signed by the employer.

As a result, those live-in caregivers who already have Canda Visa and are just waiting to leave for Canada when this directive came out, would have to wait again until the employer complied with the new regulation. The current processing time for live-in caregiver application filed in the Philippines is 12 to 18 months. Worst, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office's New Conditions may not be accepted by the employers.

Philippine Overseas Labor Office

TORONTO--Employers hiring caregivers from the Philippines are now strictly required to have their employment contracts verified with the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) before the documents are processed by the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in Manila and the workers allowed to leave for Canada.

The new requirement was in response to reports of bogus employers, workers being released upon arrival, and distressed workers being terminated or abandoned by their employers.[Source]

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