October 10, 2008

Another client is going to Canada soon

Here's a timeline for the work permit application of one of my clients. He finished a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and has been working as weldre for the last 10 years. He got a job offer from an employer in Canada as construction laborer. I'm not sure how he got the job offer, I just assisted him on his work permit application at the Canadian Embassy in Manila.

[June 17, 2008] Application forms and supporting documents sent to Canadian Embassy via courier. To schedule pick up of your application, you must contact embassy call center at tel number 1(909)101-8888 for PLDT/SMART/Touchcard; 1(903)101-8888 for Bayantel or 1(900)101-8888 for Globe/Innove/Touchmobile. Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you Mondays to Fridays from 6am to 8pm and Saturdays 8am to 6pm. These numbers are only available to callers within the Philippines through touchtone phones with NDD access or through your telephone service provider’s operator-assisted connection. All landline calls are charged a toll call charge costing P32.00 (pesos) per minute excluding VAT and applicable NDD charges for calls made outside Metro Manila. It is best to call between 6am to 7am or 7pm to 8pm to save on cost.

[July 8, 2008] Received the file number with medical instructions. Client was required to submit OFW Information Sheet and was encouraged to take the CanSpeak Test to expedite the Process

[July 10, 2008] Undegone medical examination

[July 17, 2008] Submitted the OFW Information sheer via courier

[October 10, 2008] Temporary Resident Visa Received!

Processing Times for work permit application may now take 4-6 months depending on how fast you will comply to the embassy requirement. A labor marker opinion is not a guarantee that you be issued visa. A work permit application may be refused for various reasons.

You may email me at aapuntar@go2canada.com should you want us to assist you on your application.