November 3, 2008

Updates on Permanent Resident Visa Applications filed in 2005

Permanent residence visa application filed in 2005 are now receiving a confirmation letter from Canadian Embassy Manila. If you have filed your application in 2005 and do not have the result yet, you'll probably receive this letter (if you haven't received it yet):

Dear Mr. Apuntar

This letter is in reference to your application for permanent residence in Canada, received in 2005. Citizenship and Immigration Canada requests that you confirm whether or not you are still interested in immigrating to Canada.

If you are no longer interested in immigrating to Canada and you wish to withdraw your application, please contact the Canadian Embassy in Manila within 90 days to confirm your mailing information, and we will return your full application fee.

If we do not hear from you within this timeframe, we will assume your continued interest in immigrating to Canada, and your application and fees will be returned for future processing. No further offers to return your fee will be sent. When we are ready to actively begin processing your application we will contact you to request your updated information, however at this point you will not be eligible for a refund of your processing fee.

Thank you for your interest in Canada. If you are no longer interested in immigrating to Canada and would like a refund of your application fee, please notify us within the next 90 days.

Visa Section
Canadian Embassy Manila

What does this letter mean?

Well, it's an opportunity for you to withdraw your application and save the processing fee you have paid if in case you are no longer interested to immigrate to Canada. It's that simple. Based on our records, it is not being done in random based on occupational classifications. It's more like a standard letter being sent to applicants filed in 2005 that do not have the result yet. It's one way of reducing the backlogs.

You do not have to worry if your occupation will not be included in the list of 38 occupations which is said to be the list of occupations that will be given priority in processing. This list is yet to be officially released.

Your application can't be refused simply because your occupation not the list of 38 occupations. The amended immigration regulations shall affect only those filed on Feb 27, 2008 and thereafter.

If you will not withdraw your application at this point, the next letter you will receive is a request for your updated information. These information may included the following:
  • Updated employment certificate

  • NBI Clearance

  • Settlement Funds

  • Documents to estbalish relatives in Canada (birth certificates, health card, proof of billing, PR/Citizenship card, etc)

  • Language proficiency. IELTS Examination is not mandatory, but if you submit an alternative documentation during the time of filing, you will still be given a chance to take the examination. Depending on your circumstances, it is to your advantage if you will submit an IELTS Examination result over alternative documenttation. An IELTS Review and Test Simulation is highly suggested before taking taking the examination.

  • If you are one of those who filed in 2005 and are still waiting for the result, you may just have to wait another year or even less. Like what they say, good things come to those wait. So, good luck!