July 2, 2009

Cover Letter: Below 67 points pass mark due to IELTS Score

"I received a positive assessment from Centralized Intake Office but I did not meet the 67 points pass mark using the points system due to my IELTS Examination Score. What options do I have? Can you help me prepare a cover letter?"

That was an email message I received from one of my blog readers after reading my post regarding Substituted Evaluation.

First off, if you don't meet the 67 points pass mark using the points system, your application will be refused. Although the Visa Officer has the option to invoke substituted evaluation, there must be a strong justification before they can do that.

So to help you present your case with the end in view of getting a favorable evaluation, your cover letter must contain information that may help justify a substituted evaluation such as:

  • Your spouse profile (education, skills and work experience)

  • Support from relatives and friends in Canada

  • Work experience in Canada or Canadian company

  • Trade or professional registration/certification from Canadian regulatory body

  • Remember, however, that a cover letter will not change the fact that you did not meet the pass mark and technically you are not eligible. So before taking the IELTS Examination, prepare yourself by undergoing an IELTS Review and Test Simulation