October 21, 2009

On IELTS Exam Result expiration for PR Visa Application

If you have read my previous entry, Is IELTS Exam Results Subject to Expiration?, I stated there that for PR Visa application, the Visa Office requires that your IELTS Exam result should not be older than one year. That is true and it is in fact written in the Citizenship and Immigration Canada guidelines.

But what if your IELTS Exam result is one year and 2 months old, do you really need to write the examination again?

Consider two things:

1. IF you write the exam again, you will need to pay another P8,640. Whether you have enough or limited funds, the amount is still material.

2. What is the worst scenario if you submit IELTS Exam result that is older than one year? Do you think it will cause refusal? Probably not. The worst could be a delay in processing as the visa office may write you a letter requiring you to write the exam again.

I guess you already know where I'm leading.

Based on our experience, it is ok to submit IELTS Exam results older that than one year but less than two years. But if you don't want to take the risk of delaying the process, go ahead and write the exam again.