November 4, 2009

Call Us via WebCall, It's FREE!

Call Us via WebCall, It's FREE!This webcall feature has been in placed for quite a time now but I only thought of blogging about it just now. So yeah, you can call us FREE as long as you have an Internet connection. We will be receiving your calls through our regular phone lines and we can even transfer your call to our regional offices! How cool was that?!

How to make a web call

Before user start to use WEB CALL system, please remind them of these necessary requirements below:

OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
CPU: at least 500 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
Web Brower: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6
Sound Card, Headphone, Microphone (speaker) / or Head-Set
Internet: Cable or ADSL Internet Connection

To make a call, click here

If this is the first time you use our webcall service, you will be asked to install ActiveX control. Simply click the Install ActiveX Control.

You will be asked to install the awwc.ocx, simply click install. This installation is just one time and the next time you use the webcall service you will no longer be prompted or asked to install this again from your computer.

After you successfully install the software you can now select which department you want to call
then click the green handset icon. If you want to talk to me, simply request to be transferred to local 8415/8527.

If your computer has a windows firewall you have to unblock the program to proceed with the call.

Now, you can call for FREE even if you are abroad or in the province.

I wonder how many immigration consulting firms have WebCall feature? :-)