November 10, 2009

Saudi Police Clearance or Certificate

Are you being required by the Canadian Visa Office to submit Saudi Police Clearance or Saudi Police Certificate?

Here's how to obtain a Saudi Police Certificate.

If you need a police certificate, your immigration processing office will give you a request letter. If you have any questions about this, please contact your immigration processing office.

If your application is being processed at the Canadian High Commission in London, you are not required to obtain a police certificate until the London visa office sends you a police certificate request letter with instructions on how to apply.

If you are applying at the Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE, you should submit the police certificate with your application. You can contact the visa office at fax: (971 2) 694-0396 or e-mail: Please include your immigration file number if you have one.

For applications being processed at any other office, e-mail: or fax: 966-1-488-9657. Please include the file number, the office where you applied and your mailing address. [Source]

The problem, however, is that Saudi Police Certificates are available only to current legal residents.

How to get a Saudi Police Clearance for non-residents?

For those in the US, check the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC website for the details on how to get a Saudi Police Clearance.

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Manila, however, does not process police certificate.

If you are a Filipino applicant currently residing in the Philippines and is being required to submit a Saudi Police Clearance by the Canadian Visa Office in Manila, you may seek the help of Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant and Workers Affairs (OUMWA). Go to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. OUMWA will help you get the Saudi Police Clearance. The process may take 30-60 days. To make it easy for you, I'll post the required documents once I received a reply from OUMWA.