January 19, 2010

Email from Marriott Hotel

I wasn't able to check my email yesterday and as I expected, my email inbox is flooded again.

What I did not expect is that there are three blog readers who sent me an email asking about this job offer from Marriott Hotel. They all received similar email which I am posting here:

From: ca_marriotthoteljobs@live.ca
To: ***@yahoo.com
Date: Saturday, January 16, 2010, 1:17 AM

We are happy to receive your aspiration to work with our hotel and we hope that you understand all our previous emails to you. When you are fully ready, please send to us these below require needed information.

1) Full name as it appear on your
international Passport.......
2) Your passport number....
3) Your Passport Holder Nationality......
4) your country of residence at present.....
5) Your age......
6) your sex.....
7) Your phone number.....
8) Position you are applying for......

You are advised to fill all the above information correctly and without a single mistake to avoid complications in your application process. Applicants are allowed to choose up to three positions to assist our personnel fix you in available space. After we receive and verify your information our Hotel will send you form to fill and you will send it to Immigration Bureau Ottawa Canada office with e-mail address of Immigration Bureau Ottawa Canada that you will see in the Form. The form will be for your visa processing, and as for your Vacation, Accommodation and Food please be advice that all these are Hotel responsibilities; they will surely be taking care by the Hotel management.

And what you should know also, for your easy way to enter Canada. You will only need to apply for one month tourist visa; this is the easier way now to enter Canada. We want our workers to apply this way, due to the new Canadian Immigration Law. Government did not need more immigrants again that is why we have to assist on bringing you in as a Tourists.

So when you arrived to our Hotel here, Hotel Management will then arrange for your working permit and every other documents that will make you to work and live permanently in Canada. And all the documents will be obtain for you just only within two weeks of your arrival at the Hotel. I mean for you to have your residential and working papers and every other documents in hand.


New members of the Staff

If you prove very capable when you start to work with us, you will be entitled to salary increment after six months of your arrival by 20% and be informed that our working hour is 8 hours basic which may change depending on condition or season but employees must be rewarded bonus for extra time put in work. Every employee is entitled to one long leave of up to three months every year with remuneration. Sick leave and maternity leave is also available to our workers.

Good luck.

It looks like these scammers are super active this year. Beware of those who promise Guaranteed Visas and Jobs in Canada!