March 19, 2010

Public Consultations on Immigration Priorities - Changes Coming Soon!

When Budget Bill C-50 that included changes on Canada's immigration legislation was passed on June 18, 2008, the Government of Canada immediately announced public consultations on immigration priorities. In less than 6 months after the passage of the bill, the list of 38 High Demand Occupations was released on Nov 28, 2008. The list of high demand occupations may change depending on the labor market demand in Canada.

Just recently, the Government of Canada announced another public consultation on economic immigration priorities. The list of high demand occupations may be changing soon!

Government of Canada consults Canadians on economic immigration priorities

Ottawa, March 16, 2010 — As the economic recovery gains momentum, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney today launched consultations to identify Canada’s new and emerging labour market needs and how immigration can best respond to them.

The Government of Canada is seeking the views of Canadians on how to help lead Canada to full economic recovery from the global recession. These consultations will look at worker shortages in trades and professions across Canada as well as the factors that affect an immigrant’s ability to succeed in Canada’s work force.

The consultations will help develop instructions to immigration officers on which economic immigration applications are eligible for processing. As part of the Action Plan for Faster Immigration, the first set of instructions was issued in November 2008 as a tool to keep the backlog of applications from growing, to reduce wait times for new applications and to better match new economic applicants to Canada’s labour market needs.

“The Action Plan for Faster Immigration is designed to make immigration more responsive to Canada’s economic conditions. When these conditions change, the instructions are meant to change too,” said Minister Kenney. “The first set of instructions has had a significant impact, but our research shows it is time to revise them to make sure they continue to meet their goals.” [Source]

What's in it for you?

If you are eligible under the current list, you should file your application NOW! The longer you delay your decision to apply, the more you are risking your eligibility. It may only take 6 months before the Immigration Minister issue a new ministerial instruction identifying the new high demand occupations.

If you are not included in the current list of high demand occupations, this could be your chance.

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