How to maka a Personal Study Plan

So you want to study in Canada and already got your letter of acceptance from a school in Canada. Now you are about to submit your Study Permit application to the Canadian Visa Office. Problem is you don't know how to make a Personal Study Plan, which is part of the requirements.

How to maka a Personal Study Plan

This is for you.

If you are from Manila, the only information you will find from the kit about the study plan is this:

A personal study plan: a description of your proposed program of studies as it relates to your academic, technical, or vocational background.

That information may not be enough and probably the reason why you search the net and landed on this blog searching for more information. Or maybe not. :-)

But just the same, this could be of help. Your study plan should address the following issues:

  • a. Why you wish to come to Canada to study at the school and in the program for which you have been accepted;

  • b. What is your overall educational goal;

  • c. Why you are not pursuing less expensive alternatives in your home country (What are those alternatives? Have you investigated them?);

  • d. What ties do you have to your home country that will lead you to return home following your course of studies?

  • e. How will this Canadian diploma/degree increase your chances in the labor market in your home country?
  • It should be in a letter format addressed to the visa officer. You may also mention details of your accommodation arrangements and how will you support your studies - sources of funds, etc.