September 19, 2010

Special Immigration Program for Pakistan Flood Victims?

One of my blog readers sent me an email asking for information on how to help his brother in Pakistan who have lost everything in flood in Pakistan. His brother doesn’t even have a place to live, he is staying in his friend’s house. He wants to sponsor his brother and his family so that they can legally live and work in Canada.

Canada's response to the flooding in Pakistan is focused on relief operations. Just last month, the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) disbursed $25 million to international partners and Canadian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for that purpose. More information about Canada's response to the flooding in Pakistan here.

However, there seems to be no special immigration program for the flood victims in Pakistan. I've been searching Citizenship and Immigration Canada website but can't find any. If you want to sponsor your relatives in Pakistan, they have to meet the same standard requirement for all applicants under the following programs:

Federal Skilled Worker Program
Provincial Nominee Program
Family Class Sponsorship.

I'll update this post if I found information about Special Immigration Program for Flood victims in Pakistan.