January 19, 2011

LMO waived for Haitians in Canada | Work Permit Application

When Haiti was hit by a killer quake last year, Canadian Government launch several programs to support Haitians. Here are some of the programs to support earthquake victims.

  • Special immigration measures in response to the earthquake in Haiti

  • Quebec to take in 3,000 more Haitian immigrants

  • Transit visa waived for aid workers to and from Haiti transiting through Canadian airports

  • And now, Citizenship and Immigration Canada even makes it easier for Haitiians in Canada to get a work permit. Labor Market Opinion (LMO) will no longer be required.
    The Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations generally require work permit applications to be accompanied by a determination by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada that there is no adverse impact on the labour market. This is known as a labour market opinion, or an LMO. By removing this requirement, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is making it easier for Haitians who are here to work and maintain their immigration status.

    Haitian nationals applying to extend their work permit will also receive continued coverage under the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP). New applicants who are eligible for these measures will now also benefit from the IFHP.
    More information about this program: Minister Kenney makes it easier for Haitians in Canada to work.