March 4, 2012

More Changes: Canada Immigration overhaul would let employers choose prospects

Last month, I wrote something about the proposed changes to Canada's FSW Points system. In that blog post, I enumerated the possible changes based on the information released through Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. It looks like this will be implemented really soon.

Here's an interesting story from Globe and Mail:

Canada Immigration overhaul
Immigration overhaul would let employers choose prospects

Read full article from Globe and Mail here.

So aside from adjustment in points for the age and language proficiency criteria, there's this plan to give employers to sort through and assess a pool of applicants and selected applicant will be processed quickly either under Federal Skilled Worker program or Provincial Nominee Program.

Furthermore, there's also this plan to copy Australia's immigration program by requiring applicants in regulated/licensed occupations to have their professional credentials approved first before they may apply.

If you are serious about immigrating to Canada, you should start preparing now. Check out Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO) for information about credentials assessment.