April 1, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Accountant

Mr. and Mrs. Accountant
Mr. and Mrs Castelo with Mr. Apol Apuntar

Ms. Juvilyn Abando and Mr. Paulo Castelo were still single when they first visited our office. They are both Certified Public Accountant, more than four years of experience and with immediate relative in Canada. They are both eligible under the Federal Skilled Workers program in their own right.

However, they decided to get married first before filing their application instead of filing individually. Such decision did not make any difference in the amount they would have paid for the visa processing fee, but definitely, they were able save on the consultancy fee. They were just being what they are - Accountants!

Accountants are not included in the current list of priority occupations. It's a good thing that they made a timely decision 2 years ago. When they learned that Accountants are included in the priority list, they immediately grabbed the opportunity.

Their application was filed under MI-1 and was submitted to the visa office in Manila around October 2010. Their visa was delivered to our office last Friday, March 30, 2012. There was a delay in processing for applications filed under MI-1 and they are one of those who were affected. Their waiting is over, they will be moving to Canada soon!

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