Ms. Nina de Guzman made an investment in 2012 and she will be reaping the benefits very soon

Ms. Nina de Guzman, a Registered Nurse, signed up for our services on November 2012 for us to help her with her immigration plan. Her application was not immediately filed due to the limit in the number of applications being accepted that time and the that the cap in the number of applications to be accepted by Centralized Intake Office (CIO) was reached very fast.  It was only in December 2014 that her application was approved by CIO.

Around July 2015, Manila Visa Officer required her to submit additional proof of her settlement funds and a written explanation describing how her funds were accumulated.  We helped her how to properly document her funds, of course.

Ms. Nina de Guzman, a Registered Nurse

Ms. Nina and her family will be moving to Canada soon.  This means her lovely daughter will be set for life.  There will be no reason for her to fail in life.

Upon landing in Canada, her daughter will receive a monthly allowance from the government as much as CAD 400/month. She will have this benefit until she reached 18 years old.  She will be entitled to free health care. Her education until Grade 12 is absolutely free.  If she wants to pursue college or university degree, there are many government programs to make it possible.

Ms. Nina made an investment in 2012 and she will be reaping the benefits very soon.  The good thing about this investment is that the returns will be for a lifetime!

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