July 20, 2016

Mon Projet Quebec Update: Next Application Intake for Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program will be from August 16-22, 2016

The next application intake schedule for Quebec Regular Skilled Worker program will be from August 16-22, 2016.  Another 5,000 applications will be accepted for this schedule.  To apply, applicant must send their applications via the Mon Projet Quebec (online application).
Mon Projet Quebec Update

For Filipino Nurses planning to immigrate to Canada, Quebec Skilled Worker Program is now the easiest way to get a PR Visa.  The current Quebec program is not a ranking system like the Express Entry System, where priority is being given to applicants with job offer, Canadian credentials, Canadian work experience or nomination from the province.  Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program currently uses a points system and if you meet the eligibility, your application will be processed on first come, first serve basis.  But this may may soon change. This could be your last chance to apply under the current selection process.

It is not required to hire a lawyer or consultant in applying for Quebec.  However, if you are planning to hire a consultant, deal only with Authorized Quebec Immigration Representatives.

You may visit http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca to get more information about the program.

If you want to find out if you are eligible, you may email us at canada@proimmigrationadvisers.com.  You may send your resume for assessment via email or visit us at our office.