March 13, 2017

Global Talent Stream: Canada's Global Skills Strategy to Attract Highly Skilled Workers Abroad

Global Talent Stream is part of  Canada's Global Skills Strategy to help businesses in Canada to hire highly skilled workers.  There will be a list of eligible occupations under this stream which is expected to be implemented mid of 2017.  
Global Talent Stream: Canada's Global Skills Strategy to Attract Highly Skilled Workers Abroad

The Global Skills Strategy will make it easier for companies doing business in Canada to hire highly skilled workers, both in Canada and abroad.  This is actually a key part of Innovation Canada Initiative.

What does it mean for Highly Skilled Workers planning to live and work in Canada?

Details about this Global Talent Stream is not yet available.  But from these quotes, one can easily see that it will be very beneficial both for workers and employers.
“Canada continues to compete in a global innovation race. As technologies become more widely available to everyone, the only competitive edge for countries and businesses is the distinctive talent and creativity of their people. While skilled immigrants are now identifying Canada as a country of choice in which to apply their knowledge and ideas, we also need to prepare our homegrown talent for a rapidly changing job market. Our government wants to create good quality, high-paying jobs for the middle class and those working hard to join it.”
– The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development

“When companies in Canada can thrive and grow, they create more jobs. Our government’s Global Skills Strategy will give employers a faster and more predictable process for bringing in top talent and new skills to Canada, creating economic growth and more middle-class jobs for Canadians.”
– The Honourable Patty Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour

“The Global Skills Strategy makes Canada more attractive for companies by facilitating access to high-skilled talent needed for economic growth. The components of this initiative are coming together and when fully implemented later this year, we believe that Canadians will see the results—innovative companies growing and creating new jobs across a range of industries.” 
– The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
“The current visa process for bringing world-class foreign talent to Canada is not competitive. The fast-track initiative introduced today by the federal government will significantly assist Peraso in scaling the company to compete for business at a global level.”
– Ronald Glibbery, President and CEO, Peraso Technologies 
“The Global Skills Strategy will help high-growth Canadian technology firms by making it easier and faster to attract and acquire the global talent they need to scale up and compete on the world stage. Canada’s most successful innovators welcome the new two-week turnaround standard for work permit applications, the streamlined process for applications, and the continued efforts of the federal government in supporting Canada’s tech sector and especially helping Canadian companies scale up. Our CEOs welcome the federal government’s continued engagement and collaboration on strategies that provide our high-growth scaling companies with better access to talent.”
– Benjamin Bergen, Executive Director, Council of Canadian Innovators [Source]
But even if you are a highly skilled worker and is eligible under this program, IF YOU ARE NOT READY, you don't have any option.  
Interested to Study, Work and Live in Canada? Here's what you may do: