February 7, 2018

The difference between Success and failure is not giving up

What will you do if you've already waited for more than two years and still nothing happens to your application for permanent residence in Canada? What will you do if it looks like you will not be selected from the Express Entry Pool or EOI Pool any time soon? Give up?  

For Ms. Laarnie Aguilar, giving up is not the answer. It's finding another pathway. 

Ms. Laarnie Aguilar initially signed up with Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program as the pathway in mind to immigrate to Canada. But changes after changes were introduced which made it more difficult for her to get in.

When they learned about the Study Visa Pathway, and an school which do not require IELTS, they immediately grabbed the opportunity. Their study visa was processed in less than two months!

Laarnie Aguilar - Acsenda School of Managaement

We submitted her application on the 26th of December and her visa was issued on the 3rd of February. She is an IT Professional and will be studying Bachelor of Business Administration in Acsenda School of Management.

Indeed, the difference between Success and failure is not giving up. If you are serious about your dream to immigrate to Canada in order to give your family a quality life, never give up.