May 4, 2019

College of New Caledonia - Prince George, BC Canada

Planning to Study in Canada with the end in view of applying for Permanent Residence? Your choice of school and program you will take is crucial. 

We recently visited College of New Caledonia in Prince George, British Columbia and this we can say. Our clients who are currently studying at College of Caledonia are happy with their decision to move to Prince George. 

Some video clips from our recent visit to Prince George BC:

Prince George British Columbia is one of the best kept secrets in Western Canada. Located in the Center of BC it is a fantastic place to find work, start a career, pursue higher education, raise a family, have time to live, work and play. The lifestyle here has the amenities of a big city but the laid back feel of a smaller town. 

We've noticed a lot of developments and constructions going on. There are plenty of jobs available such that our clients were all able to get job in less than a month. 

Mr. Apol Apuntar with Ms. Janice Banan, CNC Student

Another advantage of studying at College of New Caledonia is the lower cost of tuition and generally the cost of living in the city. College of New Caledonia offers server programs for International Students!