About Us - Canadian Immigration Consultancy (Gateway to Canada)

If you are planning to study, work and live in Canada, you came to to the right place!  Canadian Immigration Consultancy is your Gateway to Canada!

Canadian Immigration Consultancy
Canadian Immigration Consultancy (CIC) is an immigration consulting firm based in the Philippines with offices nationwide.  It is the largest and most reputable immigration consultancy in the Philippines with over 25 years of experience.

Gateway to Canada is owned by Proactive Immigration Advisers Corp.

Information posted here at www.gatewaytocanada.com is not a legal advice.  The author of this blog is not a Registered Immigration Consultant or an Immigration Lawyer. Information about Canadian Visa Application is available for free at www.canada.ca

If you want to hire a representative for your Canada Visa Application, please be informed that only Registered Immigration Consultants and Lawyers who are member and with good standing with Canadian Law Society, can represent you for a fee.

Clients of Canadian Immigration Consultancy is represented by Christina Camarce (R507796), ICCRC Registered Consultant.

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