Message From Apol Apuntar

Dear Prospective Applicant,

When considering the selection of a partner to assist you with your application, it is imperative to have insight into their professional background. Therefore, I would like to share my experience with you.

 Mr. Apol Apuntar

In 2019, my spouse pursued studies at Fanshawe College as an International Student. Subsequently, by the end of 2021, we were granted permanent resident status in Canada. This journey mirrors the path you are currently planning to embark upon. Remarkably, my involvement in Canadian visa applications spans back to 1998 when I was recruited by Canadian Immigration Consultancy (CIC) shortly after completing my college degree. CIC, led by Mr. Charlie Lamb, stands as the largest immigration consultancy firm in the Philippines. CIC initiated its operations in the Philippines in 1994, with its roots tracing back to United Brokers, Inc., which began functioning in Taiwan in 1989. Throughout the years, we have expanded to establish offices in key cities across the Philippines. 

Even before the Government of Canada began regulating Immigration Representatives in 2004, CIC clients were already represented by Atty John Weisdorf of the Canadian Law Society of Upper Canada. I have witnessed the evolution of the regulatory body, from its inception as the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) to its current identity as the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), passing through the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) phase.

With Ms. Nora Bouhali and Atty Stephane Hebert

In 2010, Mr. Charlie Lamb encouraged me to establish my own immigration consultancy firm and operate as a CIC Franchisee. This led to the formation of Proactive Immigration Advisers Corp, now more widely recognized as Gateway to Canada. In 2013, I collaborated with Vivre O' Canada to facilitate the migration of Filipino Nurses to Quebec through the Quebec Skilled Worker program. During this period, I closely collaborated with Ms. Nora Bouhali (RCIC) and Atty. Stephane Hebert for over two years, processing QSW applications.

My family and I enjoyed a comfortable life in the Philippines, owing to the income from my business and my wife's employment with Accenture. Despite our contentment, we realized the importance of having safety nets for our future. Concerns of becoming a financial burden to our daughter in old age or being financially impacted by serious medical conditions led us to make the decision to immigrate to Canada. The country's universal healthcare system provides a sense of security by alleviating worries associated with medical expenses. Moreover, Canada offers numerous social benefits that enhance our quality of life.

People choose to immigrate for various reasons, but it is vital to have a solid motivation behind such a significant decision. In our case, the desire for a secure and prosperous future for our family propelled us towards Canada. Presently, my daughter is pursuing her studies at the University of Toronto, benefiting from grants available to Canadian residents, which significantly reduce educational expenses. Additionally, my wife now holds the position of Regional Placement Coordinator for Anderson College's six campuses in Ontario.

In 2022, I registered a new company in Canada, known as PIACORP Consultancy & Services, Inc., primarily focusing on Education Consultancy Services while also providing other related services. Concurrently, I hold the role of Business Development Manager at Cachapero Immigration and Legal Services.

I am delighted to offer my assistance and support throughout your journey towards Canada.

Mr. Apol Apuntar