How to Apply for Canadian Tourist Visa? | Visitor Visa Application Assistance

Information about visit visa application to Canada is available free at

But if you need assistance in applying for Canadian Tourist Visa Application, we could be of help. You may be pleased to know that we are authorized to represent you and with over 30 years of experience, we have already sent thousands of clients to Canada!  

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Mr. Apol Apuntar and Family, Victoria British Columbia (2015)

In determining your chances of getting visitor visa approval, the following are being considered:

  • Current occupation/source of income. If unemployed, provide employment history/activities within the last 10 years
  • Purpose of visit
  • who will pay for your travel expenses
  • civil status
  • target length of stay in Canada
  • average monthly cash in bank balance
  • real properties under your name
  • travel history (abroad)
As long as you have the funds or proof of means of financial support and there is no reason to doubt the purpose of your travel, you will have a reasonable chance of approval.

If you will hire our services, the total fee would be P20,000 which includes the following:
  • Consultancy Fee 
  • VFS Fee
  • Biometrics Fee
  • Other documentation related expenses to be incurred by the consultancy (courier, communication, printing and scanning)
The consultancy Fee is not refundable. We do not guarantee approval.

If you are now ready to apply, here's the payment instructions. We may also send you an invoice if you prefer to pay online using credit card. 

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