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March 20, 2012

Noynoying in Canada

Planking is out, Noynoying is in. That's according to youthgroup Anakbayan. Noynoying is also in for Filipino youth in Canada!
Noynoying in Canada
Anakbayan Toronto Chapter Noynoying in front of City Hall.

What is Noynoying?

Read this: Noynoying 101

March 9, 2012

Best Graduation Gift For Your Kids

The month of March is usually associated with school graduation ceremomies. Education, they say, is one of the best gift a parent could give his children. It is a common belief that with education, you are assured of a better future. This is why parents invest in their children's education. But with a highly commercialized education system in the Philippines, it is becoming more and more difficult for parents to save up for their children's education, for their future.

The sad part is that many college graduates are now facing difficulties in finding a job in line with their chosen field. We have over supply of newly Registered Nurses that most of them are now working as Volunteers just to gain experience. Some of these Volunteer Nurses actually have to pay the hospital just for them to get a volunteer experience. Isn't that sad?

Give your children a better gift, Immigrate to Canada!

By immigrating to Canada, you will have more income opportunities and social benefits such us free education and monthly allowance for your children. You and your family will be entitle to one of the world's best health care system. You will never regret chosing a better plan for your children's future. But you may forever regret not even trying.

Five years from now, what do you think will be your situation? Think about it.

If you are thinking of immigrating to Canada, preparation starts NOW!

This coming JUly 2012, a new set of priority occupations will be made availabe. If your occupation is included and that you have at least one year work experience in any of the listed occupations, you have a great chance of immigrating to Canada. It will now be faster and easier to immigrate to Canada. However, you must be ready to file your application as soon as the new priority list opens. There is a limit on the number of applications to be received. You should start preparing your documents now.

Let us help you get ready for this opportunity.

Send us your resume or take our free online assessment:

Or contact us for appointment if you have already done the assessment and you are now ready to start.

Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark. Yous should be ready at all times.