October 28, 2008

Free Canada Resume Guide

Are you looking for a FREE Canada resume guide?

In applying for jobs in Canada, the type of resume that you submit to employers may significantly affect the result of your application. Your resume is like a marketing tool, an advertisement, that is used to promote yourself. A lousy advertisement will most likely give you a lousy result.

This post is to provide you information on how to prepare a resume format intended for Canadian employers. Of what Canadian employers expect to see in your resume. It is important that your resume should fit the Canada style. A resume styled for Philippines or other markets will not be suitable for use in Canada.

In reviewing an application for any field or position, a Canadian employer's primary consideration is the applicant's competence - education, experience and trainings. You can best highlight your competence by including a career goals and profile summary in your resume.

Career Goals summarize your career objectives. A brief summary of your personal attributes, key skills, competencies and technical capabilities including software packages used, etc are best included in your profile summary.

Educational History summarizes your education and qualifications. Indicate dates and certificates/diplomas/degrees attained. Mention highest level of education only. Where possible, indicate the Canadian equivalent of your qualification.

For your work history, list your current job first indicating the dates (month and year), Company /Organization Name, city, Country, and position held. Include a job description to describe your duties, job content, position in organization, staff supervised, projects/challenges completed, achievements, and promotions. Also, describe the activities of your employing organization (e.g. industry sector, market standing, size, turnover, etc).

If applicable, include your Computer and technical experience. Provide a description of your computer or technical competencies, including software languages etc. You may also indicate any relevant short courses taken, indicating specific skills acquired).

Professional affiliations are also a plus factor. Indicate memberships to clubs, professional regulatory bodies of industry associations).

Canadian employers would also be interested on your language proficiency, especially in English language. Indicate languages spoken and level of competency. Provide your IELTS Score if available.

Here's a sample resume.

I hope you find this FREE Canada resume guide useful.