December 2, 2008

NDP-Liberal Coalition and the fate of Canada's Immigration Program

In just a couple of months after Canadians last cast ballot, they may be back to polls again for another election. Either that or a new government will be formed as result of the coalition formed by the opposition leaders in the Parliament. Liberals and New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) signed an accord aiming to topple the conservative government. Read the story from

If the coalition succeeds in replacing the Conservative government, how will this affect the new Federal Skilled Worker application and Canada's Immigration Program as a whole?

A little history is needed here.

When the proposed amendments to modernized the immigration system was introduced early this year, both the Liberal Party and New Democratic Party criticized and opposed the amendments saying this will shut the door to Canada immigration. The Conservatives eventually managed to pass the bill and it became a law.

Part of the accord signed by the opposition leaders is that there must be immigration reforms.

We don't have the details as to what reforms it will be. But one thing is certain - the decision to chose which occupations shall be permitted to enter Canada shall not be the sole discretion of the Immigration Minister. At least based on the reasons why they opposed the amendments in the first place. That may mean that the list of 38 eligible or high demand occupations may soon be changed, if not canceled.