August 3, 2011

81 Visas and 45 Medical Requests | It's happening, we have the proof!

Immigrate to Canada within 6-12 months! It's happening, we have the proof!

Last week, we received medical requests for 45 clients who filed under Ministerial Instruction 1 and 2. Most of these MI-1 applications that received medical request were filed at the Visa Office in Manila between July and August 2010 and a few cases filed September 2010. MI-1 applications are now moving indeed!

81 Visas and 45 Medical Requests
Together with 45 Medical Requests we received were visas for 81 clients! These are combined Federal Skilled Workers and Provincial Nominee Program applicants.

Now, do you know of any consulting firms here in the Philippines that can speak of the same record?

See, there are many NEW immigration consulting firms now a days that sprouted like mushrooms promising you paradise but don't have the track record to back up their claim. Avoid these consulting firms at all cost!

It isn't required to get a representative or consultant in applying for any Canadian Visa. But immigrant visa application is not a simple process. Small mistakes cause big problem. Why take the risk?

Now if you are considering hiring a representative, don't entrust your family's future to a start-up consulting firms who do not have experience and may not know what they are doing. Make sure that the firm you are dealing with is an authorized representative - member of ICCRC or a Canada Immigration Lawyer.

If you are sick, you go to a doctor. If you need a hair cut, you go to a barber. You want to be guided for you Canada Visa Application? You go to Canadian Immigration Consultancy, Philippines' No. 1 Immigration consulting firm for Canada!

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