February 19, 2012

On Proposed Changes to Canada's FSW Points Sytem

About a year ago, Citizenship ang Immigration Canada started a consulation regarding the Proposed Changes to Canada's FSW Points System. There is a great chance that changes in the Points System will be implemented this coming July 2012.

proposed changes

What are the proposed changes to Canada's FSW Points System?

Requiring a minimum level of language proficiency
The maximum points awarded for proficiency in the first official language may be increased from 16 to 20, and a minimum language requirements, depending on the immigrant’s occupational skill level will be established. Simply put, it will give Tradespeople a better chance. The current points system is prohibitive against Filipino welders, who of course do not talk to welding rods in English.

If you want to get a better chance, try to get a better IELTS Score.

Placing greater emphasis on younger workers
Under the current points system, a maximum of 10 points is awarded to applicants within the 21-49 years old brachet. The proposal is to award a maximum of 12 points until age 35, with diminishing points awarded until age 49. No age points would be awarded after age 50.

Making the program more accessible to skilled tradespeople
The proposal is to reduce the number of years of education required to claim points for a trade or other non-university credential. This change would help improve access for skilled tradespeople, technicians and apprentices who have valid post-secondary qualifications but not the required number of years of study. There are many skilled and experienced Filipino welders but won't qualify under the current points system due to Education factor. Not many welders have a University degree.

Redirecting points from work experience to other factors
The proposal is to reduce the total number of points that could be awarded for work experience from 21 to 15.

Reducing the potential for fraudulent job offers
The proposed changes would establish clearer criteria for assessing the genuineness of a job offer, and could require employers to sign a document attesting to their intention to hire the immigrant. They could also include restrictions for employers who don’t comply with this intention.

So there. Again, these are just the proposed changes and not necessarily the new points system to be implemented.