May 5, 2013

AINP Family Stream and U.S. Visa Holder Category Close

Bad news for those with relatives in Alberta waiting for the AINP Family Stream to open again.  Canadian Immigration Consultancy have just received an email from AINP Office:

AINP Family Stream Closed

"The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) has now permanently closed the Family Stream and U.S. Visa Holder category.  

The closure of these two categories allows the AINP to better align the program with many of the changes taking place to Canada’s immigration system.  These categories were suspended in 2010 to allow the program to focus on nominating temporary foreign workers for permanent residency who are already here working and addressing immediate labour needs.

Final decisions have been made on all U.S. Visa Holder category applications received prior to the suspension and applicants have been informed.  Only a few Family Stream applications remain in the final stage of assessment; these applicants have been notified that a decision on their application is imminent. 
The AINP is an important program, and will continue to play an integral role in supporting our province’s economic growth. The AINP will focus on nominating those individuals who will provide the greatest economic benefit to Alberta.

For those whose clients are interested in family reunification, the option is the federal Family Sponsorship Class."