February 29, 2016

Stop Education Trafficking | Planning to Study in Canada? Read this first.

Do not apply for a STUDY VISA unless you've read this.  

Canada's Immigration Programs are now more favorable for International Student Graduates in Canada, specially those who have already gained work experience. There's now a lot of Education Agents who are aggressively recruiting students to study in Canada.  Some of them tend to give false information just to attract applicants.  

Be very careful.

Education Trafficking
If you are planning to Study in Canada with the end in view of applying for permanent residence, you need to be very careful.  Studying in Canada is not a guarantee that you will get a permanent resident status. It is not automatic. There is a process.

Your choice of school, program, city or province may be a factor affecting your chance of becoming a permanent resident in Canada after your studies. And an Education Agent will not be in a position to guide you with this.
You see, there is a reason why Immigration Consultants are being regulated.  If you study in Canada without really understanding the process and the consequences of your choices, you may have a hard time getting the PR Status and in process spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily.  There are many Education Agents who are authorized and able to assist you with your admission application but they are in the position to give you the right and sound advice for your Immigration Plans.

Don't be a victim of Education Trafficking.

Information about study visa application is available for FREE at http://cic.gc.ca.  It is not mandatory to hire the services of an Immigration Lawyer or Consultant to apply for Canadian Visa.

But if you think you need help, deal only with IRCC Authorized Paid Representatives.

Gateway to Canada

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