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Join the Gateway to Canada Ambassadors Program: Earn While Helping Others

Gateway to Canada is excited to announce its Ambassadors Program, offering individuals a unique opportunity to help their family and friends navigate the process of applying for various types of visas to Canada. This program not only empowers Ambassadors to provide accurate advice but also rewards them financially for their successful referrals.

Benefits of Becoming a Gateway to Canada Ambassador

Help Your Community. As an Ambassador, you play a crucial role in ensuring that your family and friends receive reliable guidance when applying for Canadian visas. This support can significantly impact their chances of successful visa applications, providing them with better opportunities for education, work, and living in Canada.

Earn Referral Fees. The program offers two main financial incentives for Ambassadors:

  • Referral Fee for Get Ready Program: Earn PHP 2,500 for every referral who signs up for the Get Ready Program.

  • Bonus for Approved Referrals: Receive a PHP 10,000 bonus for each referral who enrolls in one of Gateway to Canada's partner schools and gets their visa approved.

How to Become an Ambassador

Sign Up Process

To become an official Gateway to Canada Ambassador, you need to sign an Ambassador Agreement. This formalizes your role and provides you with a list of your referrals and their statuses, enabling you to monitor their progress effectively.

Why Join the Program?

  1. Make a Difference: Help others achieve their dreams of moving to Canada with the right advice and support.

  2. Financial Rewards: Benefit from the referral fees and bonuses, turning your assistance into a lucrative opportunity.

  3. Comprehensive Support: Gateway to Canada provides the necessary resources and tools to help you succeed as an Ambassador.


The Gateway to Canada Ambassadors Program is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to help their community while earning additional income. By joining the program, you can ensure that your loved ones receive the best possible advice for their visa applications and enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to their successful journey to Canada.

To sign up and become a Gateway to Canada Ambassador, visit the Gateway to Canada website and complete the Ambassador Agreement today. Your role as an Ambassador can make a significant difference in the lives of many, all while offering you rewarding financial benefits.

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