April 7, 2016

People never plan to fail. They just fail to plan.

Do you have a retirement plan?  What is your plan for the future?  How do you plan for the future?  

People never plan to fail.  They just fail to plan.

There are those who believe in the  saying that tomorrow will take care of itself.  They are those who just don’t want to talk about the future because they might actually fear the future. What does the future hold for them? 

Are you happy with your present situation? Faced with a question like this, does  it make you think and search for the right answer? What is the right answer? Some will answer "NO",  they are not happy with their present situation. Will you change your situation to make you and your family happy for the rest of their lives? 

What is your parents retirement plan?  Are you your parents' retirement plan? Will you let this happen to you? Will your children be your retirement plan? Is that fair? There is an unspoken agreement that PARENTS will take care of  your education and welfare, but with the string attached that you will be obligated to be their retirement plan. If you feel you are your parent's retirement plan, you have a choice not to do the same thing with your children. You can help your parents and take care of them without hurting your own future.  

If you were frightened with these questions, you could be on the edge of financial disaster. This is your own ticking time bomb that could wipe out all of your families financial stability.

Evading the issue, avoiding the problem will not change anything. The question is, will you fight back or accept this situation?

If you fight back, you therefore have the courage to make the tough decision to get ahead in life. You are now seriously changing the fortune and future of your family structure. Congratulations!

An option is open for those who are willing to change the course of their LIFE.  All you have to do is to  invest your time and effort to plan for your future.     

Live and work in Canada; give your family a better quality of life.

Let us help you shape and plan your future. We have already helped thousands of Filipinos make their dreams come true.  They made the right decision for the right reason. 

Will You? Talk to us.